Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Unfortunate News and My first day--totally unrelated

Alright followers, I have some sad news. My cousin C has decided to return back home. This journey wasn't suited for her. And after sitting in Accident and Emergency for 4 hours yesterday, and getting a medication that gave her hives, she decided it was time to go home. She leaves tomorrow morning before the sun is even up. So we've said our goodbyes so she can get some form of sleep. I am sad to see her go as I was looking forward to this journey with her. But I will be fine, don't forget originally I was doing this journey alone anyways.
On a better note by first day was bloody brilliant. It started with a class room like setting where we did an ice breaker, went through a powerpoint where I learned a canadian owned and operated the resort. Then we had an amazing 3 course meal starting with sweet bean and tomato soup, then braised beef with beans and potatoes and finishing with a chocolate raspberry mousse! It was delicious! Then we took a tour of the whole resort which took over 2 hours! This place is massive. So tomorrow is all health and safety and then we go over details of our first shift and then I am moving into my new house! I am very excited and I plan to unpack ASAP! No more living out of a suitcase, then I plan to explore the town because I need to pick up a few things like towels, an alarm clock, a converter and I need to find the local grocery store. It should be a good week!

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