Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm home!

Hey ya'll, So it's official I am on Canadian soil!! I have been home for 3 1/2 days and have been able to catch up with so many people. The journey here was long but well worth it! Mum and Dad met me in the airport with my brother and 2 friends. They had balloons and my lovely brother made me a Canadian build a bear wearing a Welsh Guard suit. He is absolutely adorable but it'll be quite a feat to get him back to Newport seeing as I have 2 bears to bring back. I bought my boyfriend a polar bear for Valentine's day wearing his fav football team jersey and I sprayed him to death with my boyfriends cologne and brought it with me. So in short 2 bears must make is back home. Sunday my parents arranged an open house so everyone could drop in anytime and visit, have a drink and a bite to eat. It was great to see people here and there and catch up. And the best surprise was my cousin Rachelle who is the older sister to the cousin I went to Germany happened to be in the province so her and her fiance and 2 kids came for the party. I've got loads of lunches and dinners and dates planned. It's weird there's moments I feel like I never left, I've been here all year then there's moments where I feel like I've been gone 4-5 years. I do miss Newport and my friends and my boyfriend. But I also love being home. It's a dilemma. But who knows I could end up anywhere in the world. You really never know. I've made a huge commitment there by moving in with my boyfriend and driving lessons and a 2 year contract on my phone. But I definitely think school there is a great idea. Plenty of the kids I graduated with are studying in the UK. I mean i;m sure my family and friends would love for me to stick around but my parents moved away for 5 years to Japan and everything turned out fine for them. I'm just doing it while going to school and a bit younger. I am happy where I am and I hope to be able to visit home a little more often but it all depends on work. Once I am school my holidays become a little more flexible but money becomes a little more tight so we'll see how it all goes!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home in 2 weeks!

Well since I last wrote I have taken driving lessons. The first lesson went well. I was terrified of driving a standard but it really isn't that bad. I stalled once and that's good for my first time. I have had a total of 2 lessons and 2 more coming up. Because I drove already back home, I am able to bypass quite a few lessons. All I am learning is the standard bit and British road rules. I'm doing pretty well and I am confident I will complete my goal! Last Sunday I went to Thorpe Park with a bunch of people from work. It was a blast, the weather was shit in the morning but it got sunny by the end of the day. The queues were so long we got on a total of like 6 rides. But they were worth it. This one ride STEALTH was 207 feet straight in the hair and 0-80 mph in 2 seconds. It was wicked. I had my mini donuts and rode my roller coasters and screamed my head off lol. Then on Monday I had my birthday party which was a blast! We all dressed up like superheros and headed to town for a few drinks and then to Cardiff to party. We went to a night club called Oceania and it's 3 floors of themed rooms. Your walk into the tiki room, then upstairs is the 80's disco, then the french boudoir and the ice room. Then theres a private room upstairs we weren't allowed into. It was fun. We started at about 8pm and we weren't home till about 4:15. It was a great night and I remember it all. I went as spidergirl and my boyfriend went as batman. We had the powerpuff girls, superman, supergirl, catwoman and captain America. Then it was my real birthday on Thursday. I woke up and went for brunch with Farley, Charl and Lorenz and I got all my presents from my boyfriend. He got my a bracelet with matching earrings. 2 pairs of jeans (mint and polka dot), a blazer, a parka and a gorgeous dress. I am in love with it! And Charl and Lorenz got my a gift card which I cannot wait to spend. So we went for Brunch then I bought myself an iPhone which I cannot put down. I am addicted to the apps and games and music and messaging and constant facebook lol. I came home and received my birthday present from my mother-in-law. I got a beautiful necklace that is the Dove of Peace and a book gift card. And my lovely parents sent me 19 pink roses. It was a very thoughtful gift and I cannot wait to thank them in person in 2 weeks. Exactly 2 weeks today I fly home for 2 weeks. I am excited to go home to see everyone but I am not a fan of leaving Newport. Leaving Farley behind and work and all my other friends. It's what I've known for the last 10 months and I am nervous to leave it. I am sure I'll be fine and have a blast and it'll be a little vacation. I'll make sure to update once more before I go home and then once I am home I'll update. It's been an exciting 10 months and I cannot believe I have made it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On to bigger and better things

It is official. My freedom in the UK is growing. Last week I finally got my provisional licence in the mail. This licence allows me to take my theory test (basically the test you take for your L) and I can take driving lessons. And the goal at this point is to have my full licence and the car by October 1st. I want a small car but it has 5 doors, I hate cars where you have to lift the seat to crawl into the back. It has to have automatic windows and a radio. I'm still not sure whats best to buy: standard or automatic? Unfortunately here you have to learn on a standard and take your test on a standard. But since I know how to drive an automatic already I could know both ways but drive in an automatic but if standard cars are in plenty and cheaper I'll get one of those. I've always wanted an automatic lock/unlock but that's just icing on the cupcake. I've been saving since I started working at the Celtic Manor so that should pay off the car. I am super excited and not scared at all like I was at home. I've already got the theory books and I've got a driving instructor all lined up. And yesterday I made another massive step in my life; I moved in with my boyfriend. I moved out of staff accommodation and into his house. This way we can spend more time together and were saving money. He won't be paying for petrol to my house and I won't be spending so much money on rent and transportation. We are now saving together for a flat before Christmas we hope but we'll see how the market is and if we've saved enough and we have to look at what funding I get from university and all that stuff. So we'll sit down and have a nice chat. To be honest I have to say I made the 10 months away from home. If I had stuck to my original plan I'd be coming home in 5 days. And while I wonder what life at home is like I am so happy here. I can't imagine living anywhere else.Now that I have plans for a car, and a flat and uni-none of that would be happening at home. And doing it this way makes me proud of myself. This means I pay for my own car not a gift from daddy for my 16th (when you legally can't drive). I'm getting a flat with someone I love not some random kid I don't know in a dorm. This is definitely the way I needed to do it. Now I know what I want to do and where to go for it.Can't imagine doing it any other way!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Soccer, Football, Futbol,

This past weekend was full of football! Where I am living now in the UK (Newport, South Wales) has a massive football team and following. County which is what the team is called is a great social experience and the football is great. Well County made it to the finals of the FA cup against York. So me and 12,000 over County fans made the trek all the way up to Wembley Stadium in London to watch the final game. We were all in County tops and wearing as much orange as possible. There were wigs and hats and scarves and so many unbelievably crazy orange outfits. And even though County lost 2-0 it was still an amazing day and a great game. It's a one in a lifetime experience and I got to go. It's something I'll never forget. So while we were up at 5:45 and on the bus to Wembley by 8 and home 13 hours later, I still managed to make my way into town to meet up with my boyfriend and all his football mates. We stayed out late drinking and dancing and just having a great time. Football here is like the Canadian pastime of hockey except its more communal. Everyone gets involved and its a lifelong thing. Then we were up early on Sunday morning to head to Liberty Stadium in Swansea to see Liverpool vs Swansea and I got to see my fav's -Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez,Carragher <3
It was just another great day full of fun and football but we were exhausted. We had a drink at bar that was 4 floors that all converted into a nightclub and headed home on the train. I of course like always fell asleep on the way home. Once we were back in Newport we got a take away and headed home.
Yesterday was my mothers day. In the UK mothers day is in March but yesterday was mothers day and it was so strange to know its a special day but no one around you does. So I made sure to send cards to my grandmother and mom. They all had a huge family BBQ which did make me a bit homesick but that's part of the journey. I knew there would be up and down moments. But to my wonderful mother who never stopped caring, who made my world what it is and gave me the tools to succeed in life, I love you like you would never believe! I hope you had a fabulous mothers day and kept me close to your heart. I am proud to call you my mom and I couldn't of handpicked a better one. I love you to bits and I can't wait to see you this summer xxxx

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Change is around the corner

I'll give you a quick update from my last post and move on. I did end up finishing the detox and losing about 6lbs which all seemed to come from my legs which was my target area but inches gone is inches gone! About 1 month ago I received a letter from Staff Accommodation at the Celtic Manor and they informed us that some of the conditions of living in our house have changed. We are allowed to live in the house 1 year but if you lived for 6 months previous to April 1st you had to be out of the house. Well this sincerely panicked me. For those of you who know me well know I like to plan things perfectly. And it was supposed to work that I got the car over the summer and by Christmas I moved out into my own flat. Well that;s all changed. By July 1st I will be moving into my boyfriends house. The car is now on the fast track. By Wednesday my license request should have gone through, then I will take 2 lessons, take my theory, take 6-8 lessons in June, 2 more in July and then take my test before I go home for 2 weeks. Then I am able to use my savings to get my car. I am hoping to have my own flat by the fall. That's the massive change.As well I have put my name forward for a promotion at work and fingers crossed they consider me and I get the job. In case you didn't pick it up in a previous sentence, I will be coming home back to Canada for 2 weeks in July-August to visit family and friends. The way our job works get 2 weeks off in the summer and I have chosen to take that time to go home. No the boyfriend will not be coming home with me, maybe another time.
I recently got back from Spain and I had a blast. We were there for a total of 8 days at an amazing all inclusive resort. I'll post some photos sometime this week. We suntanned, drank, ate, slept, played mini golf and just relaxed from work and all the drama that comes with life. It was a fab vacation and I would go back in a heartbeat. I'll make sure to post photos and keep you all updated.

Friday, March 23, 2012

And the Detox goes on.

So yesterday I was able to start eating solid food again! It's great to have a meal because it gives you that energy boost you need. So when I went grocery shopping I had a list with the proper amount of everything. I only went down aisles I needed to and didn't pick up anything extra. This I have never done before. I have turned into the kind of shopper who walks up and down almost every aisle and when I see something I need I pick it up. I made stuffed pepper last night for under 600 calories. I had light mozzarella, white rice, corn and peas inside the pepper. It was lush! And tonight I made pasta, just the right amount, with mince beef (ground beef) tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and a small amount of pasta sauce. I quite enjoyed that as well. And tomorrow I get to make grilled chicken tortillas. I have to measure every amount of food that I cook, the right amount of olive oil, veggies, meat etc.. So I bought a food scale and it is my life now. Tuesday is the last day of the detox and no more shakes and gels after that. Then its a no carb diet for a week. I have chosen to make it no cards, no sugar, and no alcohol. It is so hard at work to not eat because there is constant opportunities to eat leftover food and its so good but its so bad for you. All those pastries and cookies add up! I am also joining the gym at work and hoping to start going there 2-3 times a week before and after work. This detox has got me on a real health kick!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clean 9 has started

So I started my Detox yesterday and I am feeling a lot more optimistic today than I was feeling yesterday. The aloe vera gel I drink 4 times a day is rank. It stinks and its got bits in it. It's health powers though are amazing kinda like Buckley's cough medicine; it taste awful and it works. So in order for me to able to actually drink the stuff I need to add to tbsp of squash, plug my nose and rinse my mouth with mouthwash afterwards. I am getting used to it but it doesn't mean I like it anymore than when I first started. Then there is the garacinia pills and the bee pollen pills which I can put back no problem. The shakes I get for lunch and eventually breakfast are nice actually. It smells like cake batter and tastes like vanilla. I will admit I cheated once today-I had a yogurt but I was starving and knew my energy was going to fade so I had a yogurt but starting tomorrow I get one 600 calorie meal a day for the next 6 days. I've planned the meals and they all average out to 600 or less. Tomorrow I get to go shopping for them and I get a shake for breakfast as well not just lunch with means I'll be less hungry during the day. So I get the shake twice a day, the gel and pills 4 times a day and the meal I've decided to have as dinner because the food at work will not average out to 600 and I have no facilities to cook my own. So dinner will be my food meal of the day. I'm super optimistic and I have been on a forum with ladies all over the UK who have done it and I am very much looking forward to my success. I will hopefully post tomorrow after my first Clean 9 cooking adventure :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's been too long

I'm not even sure if anyone is following this anymore because it's been 2 months since I last posted. I realize in my last post that it said I had big plans to tell you about and to be honest I can't exactly remember what they were. I did got to London over night. I went back and did all the things my family didn't want to when we were out there. I got to see We will rock you which if you get the chance buy tickets. It's phenomenal and I love queen! The man sitting behind me made some sly comment about me not knowing who Queen is but if you know my parents you know I know Queen pretty damn well. I sang to myself throughout the whole show and afterwards that man behind me commended me on my knowledge of Queen lol. So in between January 10th and now not much has gone one. My female room mate moved out and went home. She was so un-happy with her life here she couldn't stand it anymore and she went home. But just a couple days ago another man moved into the house but he doesn't work in my department so I don't see him much. A friend of mine and an amazing CDR from work left and went to train for the RAF. And his leaving party was one of the best nights out ever! I had so much fun! On another note in the last 2 months I recently involved myself with a guy from work and we are currently dating. And today we booked our holiday for Spain in April. Along with that I am starting a detox on April 18th just to get my body back into shape and lose a few un-wanted pounds and I plan to post a little something everyday because its a 9 day process. I'm gonna post a few sentences from Day 1- Day 9. And for those of you who I haven't caught up with in a while, I am planning to stay longer in Wales than planned. I was supposed to go home permanently at the end of June but now I am going home for a visit from July 21-August 4 and then I am back here in Wales and continuing on with my job. I am not quite sure how long I plan to stay but I am working on my driving license over here now and the next thing will be to get a car :) That's a massive news update so I'll stop writing and let you all digest that lol

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiking through an ocean?

So this week most of the C & B staff are off. So instead of sitting on our asses all week doing nothing; me and 3 other friends went hiking today. When I got up this morning it was a nice clear morning with no rain and not cold at all. But I packed my rain coat in case and a pair of clothes because you never know and being in guiding I am always prepared. But when we got to the start point it rained. And looking at the path I thought I'd be totally fine with my runners and I was until the descent. Now one friend we were doing this with and already been on this hike the previous week so he knew where he was going. So we followed him (and the path lol) up to the top of the "mountain" (it was in between a large hill and a mountain so I am not quite sure what to call it.) So we made it up and it was so foggy on top you couldn't see anything. So we decided to descent but we didn't follow the path down, oh no we went the adventurous way down the side of the mountain following the river. Now I do have to say I agreed to this because it was fun but my poor feet! I was wearing my runners with my sport pants. The ground was so wet and there were so many mud puddles that went knee deep on me and the amount of times we crossed that river was ridiculous! We had so much fun but I was soaked! So on the way back home, the friend that came with us and graciously drove gave me her wellies and another pair of socks to wear home in her car so we didn't make a mess lol! It was a really fun day and I am very excited for the rest of my week off. I've got big plans that you'll get to hear about next week!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bonjour Tout le monde

Bonjour Tout le Monde,
I am back for Paris! I had a lovely time with my family exploring Paris. First thing we did when the train docked was scope out crepes! I think we must of had 1-2 crepes per person each day! So once we checked into our hotel room, we headed down to a cute little place called Pomme Rouge and indulged ourselves in crepes. We then took the metro and went for a little stroll to see the magnificent Tour de Eiffel all lit up. We then rode a carousel and just mosied around. The next morning we went to the Eiffel Tour to actually go up and due to the weather you weren't allowed to go to the top nor could you walk up. So I was a little disappointed but I didn't let it ruin my day. In total we saw the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysee, Arc du Triomphe, Notre Dame, and the Seine River. Then we spent the whole next day in Versailles which is absolutely phenomenal! I loved it! All the history and the rooms and the beautiful grounds! I plan to go back in the spring do I can see Marie Antoinette's Hamlet. That's closed during the winter hours. Then we made our way to a cute little area of Paris called Monmontre and it has one of the most amazing churches ever, and even better view of Paris and tonnes of cute little shops and eateries. I loved Paris and cannot wait to go back in the spring time!