Monday, September 12, 2011

And so it begins....

It's been 2 days since I have arrived in Germany and I love it! The day I flew started with me being dunked at my school fair in the dunk tank. From there we picked up Bryanne, My suitcase, said good bye to my fat cats and left for the aiport. I checked in, where I found out my carryon was over wait but my other suitcase wasn't. How backwards is that? From there we went to dinner with my parents, my brother, Gabby and Bry. I had my last real steak :(. At that point we headed back to the airport where the water works started. I bawled, my mom bawled, my dad got teary eyed, I think Bry was even crying and then GG told me she cried when she got home. My brother on the other hand laughed at all of us crying- typical 14 year old boy. And being the emotional person I am I cried all the way through security and boarding and the whole plain ride to calgary. But once we landed in calgary, i fell asleep and didn't wake till breakfast. Upon landing we had major turbulence which actual made me sick, which doesn't happen often. I got off the plane, met the girl who was to take me to Heppenheim and of course it poured the whole time. I had my first experience of driving on the Autobahn where yes there is no speed limit unless there doing construction then its only 80. We got to my accomodation, where I got my key and met up with Caro, my cousin who is also on this journey with me. We were very happy to a familiar face and to hear english again lol. I don't speak a word of german except for a few words. Once I settled in my bags I was whisked off to the other house where we maed home made soup. It was very good and we had the leftovers for lunch. I however don't really know hot to cook. I can do Mac & Cheese, pancakes with a recipe in front of me and few other basic things. So cooking for the next 10 months is going to be interesting. I just might set the table and clean up and let Caro do all the cooking lol. Example one of I can't cook. We decided to have fried potatoes with our chicken tonight. So I wash the potatoes and cut them into halves or squares and put them in a pan with oil. Well to me they looked ready. So I served them. However Caro then reminded me and herself that your supposed to boil the potaotes before you fry them. So we hate half raw, half fried potatoes with our dinner. Classes started this morning and they were great. We were the new Canadian girls and we did lots of talking and comparing. We weren't neccesarily picked on but definately singled out, which is fine by me. However there is only one boy in my class. Only one! But we have classes from 9-3 except tuesdays is late start so only 9:45 to 3:45. Today we role played front recpetion and learned about the channel islands that I now have a project on. It's exactly like school! So after school we went and bought some neccesities like shower gel and laundry detergent which was so much fun! lol Caro and I speak no German so we were guessing and yes we did buy the right stuff! Afterwards we went and bought a webstick which allows us to have internet through our USB. We then came back home, dropped our packages off and went out for food. Now we have a mini fridge so we can only buy 2 days worth of food at a time. And you buy all your drinkning water and they don't have ice trays here lol. So we bought dinner and then we walked back. It's about 10 minutes and I carried 10lbs of water the whole way back. We got home, cooked and then chilled. Everything is going great so far and I love germany! Heppenheim is a very old town and it's all cobblestone streets and church bells and its so beautiful! Tomorrow we plan to explore the grand church down the road from us after school. All is good. I accepted my job offer for the Celtic Manor Resort and I start on September 26th. However we are done school on the 23rd so Caro and I are gonna try to do a day trip to Berlin for Historical Tours and then head over Wales. I don't feel homesick, I mean I miss people but not home itself. I do wish I had my cat to cuddle with at night thought. Everything is great!

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