Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cloud Nine

So we are here! We are in Wales! We both woke up way to early on Saturday. We were up at 9 and didn't have to leave till 12:15. So by the time we had gotten up, eaten the last morsel of food in our house, cleaned up and packed up, it was only 10:30. So I read and she did crosswords puzzles until our ride got to our flat. We went onto the Autobahn which was expectionally busy because there were 3 accidents! All involving two small cars going way to fast! So we got to the airport and loaded all 5 suitcases onto a trolley and checked in. Checking in at the Frankfurt is very different and futuristic. They have a bank of yelling machines that look like ATM's. In actuality you scan your passport, pick your seat and print your boarding pass. Then along a wall that has to bee close to 300 ft, you check in your luggage. I did not have to pay over weight which was amazing because my suitcase was definately over the weight limit by like 11 or 12 lbs. So we went through the security which is way more slack than Canada or the States. I could keep all jewlerry on and shoes. Then from there we went a grab and fly food spot because we were both ready to eat our fingers off, that's how hungry we both were. Then we went to board. But as I was going through an attendant stopped me, picked up my carry on suitcase and said "Uh-Uh, its overweight and too big, it must be checked." and he whisked it away from me. Thankfully it did make it to our desination. We sat on the plane, me on the aisle of course. It was a quick small flight. So when we landed in Heathrow we were dumbfounded at how big that airport is! We must of walked miles and miles! So we had to fill out this landing card that asked us our UK address, well we didn't have one and we still don't have one yet. So we explained our situation to the Visa/boarder crossing lady and she was so bitchy!! Just because you hate your job and you have terrible hair doesn't me you have to hate the whole world! "She was like, if only I belived you! Put your first hotel address in and then maybe you can go through." Well now I am stressed through the roof and panicked! My nickname on High School council last year was Stress Bomb. I love travelling but not the actual act of getting from point a to point b. So we managed to get through the assistance of a very nice chap. Then we walked another 1000 miles to get our luggage which was out right away and the first thing I did was check to make sure my laptop hadn't broken during the flight in my carry on. We then made our way up to the bus station where we waited. The bus came and we got on it. We rode the bus for 2 hours and then got off at the Newport Bus Station. Now this is where I almost went into cardiac arrest. My mother had booked us into a B & B close by. So when I went online to get the address I just typed in the name and UK. Well that was my first mistake. I went to a taxi driver who told me that address was 2 hours away and I almost crapped a brick. I thought he was mistaken. But he said that's where it was so set of on our 2 hour journey but by some miracle of god  (and I don't believe in god so that was a miracle in itself) we stopped at a gas station where a cop car was. He went and got gas and I went to talk to the police officer. And at this point I am trembling almost in tears so I explain to him " Look were both canadians and were trying to get to this B & B  but the taxi driver said it was 2 hours away and my mom told me it was 5 mins from the bus station." So he called it in and asked HQ and they gave us the proper address and the taxi driver took us there and it was indeed the right  B&B. We got there and everything worked out! Then we walked to the local 7 eleven type store and bought dinner. Then we ate it and went to bed. And toilets here are so confusing! Then the police officer we talked to earlier that night dropped by to make sure the " 2 young canadian girls" made it to the right place and we weren't whisked away somewhere. Now in the midst of setting the alarm for the morning I changed the time on the clock. I thought we were going to be at 12:15 but it was actually 10:15. So when we got up at 8 to shower and stuff it was 6 and breakfast wasn't being served till 9:30. So we crawled back into bed for 2 more hours. We had a typical english breakfast consisting of a hashbrown, toast, baked beans, mushrooms, a funny looking bacon, sausage and of course black pudding. Needless to say I had a very small breakfast. Then the owners Cathie and Ross got talking and we found out that Cathy used to be snowy owl in a brownie unit in Wales. I was so excited to have that connection with her and I am looking into hooking up with a unit. So we took a taxi up to the Celtic Manor Resort where I am sitting now and absolutely loving it! It's like the first 2-3 days in home alone where he has no parents and is excited about it. Or it's like pretty women minus the prostitute part. I have a whole big room to myself and its' fancy. All expenses paid, I don't pay for the room or food or anything! And tomorrow night I am going to zumba class after induction and then for a swim and sauna! I've posted photos on fb. So excited to be here! The bell boys are adorable especially with their accents and I can't wait to start work!

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