Friday, September 16, 2011

It was massive!

So before I get into updating the world about my past few days, I have to let you know what happened to me this morning. I was sitting on my bed picking out my clothes for the day and inadvertenly I look like I belong in a rapper's video but thats besides the point. I went to stand up and my toe it the floor funny and I thought I cut my toe right open in half. Well I flip up my foot to discover a sliver the size of Italy has decided to make my toe its new home! It hurt so bad! So I pulled out my handy dandy travel nail kit, you know the ones with tweezers, nail clippers, a weird looking file and scissors. And now it gets a little graphic, I cut away at the skin around it so I could somehow extract it with the tweezers. Well instead of that plan I just started cutting the top of the sliver and man did the hurt. But what came next hurt even more! My cousin, who were gonna start calling C grabbed my tweezers and jammed them down my toe and yanked that thing right out. Well now I have a big chunk of toe missing and it's all better. So yes I did indeed perform minor toe surgery before breakfast today. Anyway so we went to the Heppenheim Golf Course yesterday which was one of those field trips you have in high school that are so boring but they turn out fun because of the events that occur on the trip. So to get there you go up this long hilly winding country side road. But this isn't a regular road, this road has 2 lanes but both their lanes put together is our one lane. So I am in this tiny german car with 3 other people and she is driving like there is nothing on this road but her. Well I just about died sitting in the back of that car. I was having mini panic attacks everytime another car came by or we were on a cliff. But we did make it there and back in one piece. So we get there and we start by learning the super basics of golf like that fact that there's 18 holes. Then our teacher gives us a tour of the golf club and the surrounding area. He then plays 3 holes. Well what I didn't know is that on the super fancy golf courses, there is a women's tee and a men's tee. And I thought that was super sexist until our teacher told us its because women's boobs get in the way of their swing and I understand that. But I went and drove from the men's tee anyways :)
We got back that afternoon and had a class about culture shock for when you arrive at your destination and your hotel. But C and I started to giggle because right now being in Germany is the culture shock, Wales will be more like home than here. But then today we learned all about Alcohol. We learned about to properly serve it, how to deal with intoxicated customers and we even did a wine tasting. Where you pour a little, swirl it, sniff it, look at the glass from the side and then you take a sip, but you have to suck in air after you drink and before you swallow. I still don't understand the point of whine but I am working on changing my attitude towards it! Then tonight as in Friday we decided to stay in. Because last night we were at the bad pretty late. I have a diebels dark german beer. I enjoyed it but I still like my corona better! So tonight were staying in, I am nursing my toe and I plan on reading till I fall asleep.

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