Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updating the World

It's been a few days since I've blogged so I figured while I had the computer I'd jot some stuff down. Classes re-started Monday but in a different format. The remaining students that didn't leave on Friday night were split into 2 classes. Class 1 (my class) had classes Monday and Tuesday from 9-10:45 and we had free time and lunch till 1:30. Then Class 2 was 11-12:45. Once lunch is over we have to wear our black and white outfits and head over to the Academy's resturaunt- The Scotland Yard where we have service training. We have all new teachers and girls in our class that weren't before but I knew who they were. So in my morning class we are learning a program called Fidelio. It is a hotel program used all over Europe. It is for making reservations, checking in, checking out, billings, wake up calls and everything else under the sun in a hotel. I have greatly succeeded at this. I did lessons 1,2,3 in the first hour long class. I'm not sure if it's because it's easy or because I am good at computers but I find it fun and easy. Then after lunch we have service training. Now this entails loads. So far we've set tables, folded napkins, and many other things you must know for working in a restuaraunt. Then for the last half hour of each class we do Cocktail mixing. Everyone picks a cocktail they wanna make and we do it and we each test it. I chose to make a butterfly which is orange juice, blue couracao and cointreau. I have to say the after taste is much better than the actual drink. We've tried lots so far, Mai Tai's, London Fog, Raspberry Daquiri, Sylvia, Julia, White Cloud. Loads of alcohol however anything with Gin I do not drink. And now since I am out of the house, saying this story I don't feel I'll be punished but Mom and Dad I love you. The last time I had gin, I put half a jigger into my juice and finished the whole thing. But before I even got to the bottom of the glass I was on the floor writhing in pain. My body cannot handle gin! Therefore I don't drink it. However sweet things like Mudslides, Margaritas, Pina coladas, that's all up my alley and oh beer. I love beer, its something I have inherited from my mom. So we have class Thursday, Friday and then Saturday we move countries again! Saturday we take our flight to London Heathrow because that was actually the cheapest. From there we are taking a national express bus to Newport. From there we are staying in a cute B & B. Then we move to the hotel were working at to sleep there for the night. Monday morning is induction day and then after that we move into our permanent housing for 10 months. Well 10 months for me, my cousin C is debating but she seems to like the figure 6 months. After we settle in we have to go shopping. We need alarm clocks and towels and depending, maybe a pillow or two. Then we have 2 more days of induction then I become a working girl for the first time in my life. I never really worked in high school, between keeping my grades and basketball and soccer and dance and skating and babysitting and last but not least Girl Guides, I never had time. So this is going to be new and exciting and yes I am a little nervous I am going to hate work and sometimes when I get into a must work mode I work without eating or drinking and I just go. For those of you who know me well that is a cause for fainting and that does worry me. And my shoulder worry's me that I'll overuse it and it's all a play by ear game. We shall see how all goes. I am unaware of our internet situation when were in wales. I don't think I'll be posting till late next week. It'll be a long post to catch everyone up!So people who follow my blog I shall talk to you later!

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