Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alright folks here it is....

Alright so it's been almost 3 days since I've been here. And I do love it, its very pretty and the city I am in is all old fashion Germany. However I do have a few complaints. Everyone who knows me, knows these had to be coming soon lol. First of all, I am not picky with food, there are very few things I won't eat. However butter is not one of them, I am 100% a margerine person. Have been since I can remember, It's more pratical, you can keep it in your fridge and it doesn't go super hard, as well its in my opinion much more healthy. So Germany should totally sell margerine. Next order of business. Our fridge goes up to just below my waist and it's meant to hold food for 5 people. How in the world is that possible? We buy our food 2 days at a time. How much time must that waste? I'll admit our tri weekly shopping trips are a little fun but they are also lots of work. Now for those of you wine drinkers, does it matter to you what your drink it out of? Today in class we went over the different kind of glasses, now I get the generic ones like a water glass, shots, beer pint, wine glass and champagne goblet. But why in earth are there 4 different kind of wine glasses? There's white, red, burgundy, and claret. However in my mind there is 2 kinds of wine- red and white. And for all I could drink them out of a coffee mug. Supposedly it's to do with the smell and aroma and stuff. Now I am soaking up all this info in class as I have to but it totally sounds illoigcal to me. But I am going to a wine tasting on Friday and maybe I  will understand better then, I hope (fingers crossed). What I am really excited for this week is our Golfing Field Trip. Because most hotels the EHA students get jobs at, are golf hotels. Well we can't work at a golf hotel and know nothing about golf so we are getting a lesson on golfing. I plan to learn golf over the next year, come home and school my parents :)

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