Friday, March 23, 2012

And the Detox goes on.

So yesterday I was able to start eating solid food again! It's great to have a meal because it gives you that energy boost you need. So when I went grocery shopping I had a list with the proper amount of everything. I only went down aisles I needed to and didn't pick up anything extra. This I have never done before. I have turned into the kind of shopper who walks up and down almost every aisle and when I see something I need I pick it up. I made stuffed pepper last night for under 600 calories. I had light mozzarella, white rice, corn and peas inside the pepper. It was lush! And tonight I made pasta, just the right amount, with mince beef (ground beef) tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and a small amount of pasta sauce. I quite enjoyed that as well. And tomorrow I get to make grilled chicken tortillas. I have to measure every amount of food that I cook, the right amount of olive oil, veggies, meat etc.. So I bought a food scale and it is my life now. Tuesday is the last day of the detox and no more shakes and gels after that. Then its a no carb diet for a week. I have chosen to make it no cards, no sugar, and no alcohol. It is so hard at work to not eat because there is constant opportunities to eat leftover food and its so good but its so bad for you. All those pastries and cookies add up! I am also joining the gym at work and hoping to start going there 2-3 times a week before and after work. This detox has got me on a real health kick!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clean 9 has started

So I started my Detox yesterday and I am feeling a lot more optimistic today than I was feeling yesterday. The aloe vera gel I drink 4 times a day is rank. It stinks and its got bits in it. It's health powers though are amazing kinda like Buckley's cough medicine; it taste awful and it works. So in order for me to able to actually drink the stuff I need to add to tbsp of squash, plug my nose and rinse my mouth with mouthwash afterwards. I am getting used to it but it doesn't mean I like it anymore than when I first started. Then there is the garacinia pills and the bee pollen pills which I can put back no problem. The shakes I get for lunch and eventually breakfast are nice actually. It smells like cake batter and tastes like vanilla. I will admit I cheated once today-I had a yogurt but I was starving and knew my energy was going to fade so I had a yogurt but starting tomorrow I get one 600 calorie meal a day for the next 6 days. I've planned the meals and they all average out to 600 or less. Tomorrow I get to go shopping for them and I get a shake for breakfast as well not just lunch with means I'll be less hungry during the day. So I get the shake twice a day, the gel and pills 4 times a day and the meal I've decided to have as dinner because the food at work will not average out to 600 and I have no facilities to cook my own. So dinner will be my food meal of the day. I'm super optimistic and I have been on a forum with ladies all over the UK who have done it and I am very much looking forward to my success. I will hopefully post tomorrow after my first Clean 9 cooking adventure :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's been too long

I'm not even sure if anyone is following this anymore because it's been 2 months since I last posted. I realize in my last post that it said I had big plans to tell you about and to be honest I can't exactly remember what they were. I did got to London over night. I went back and did all the things my family didn't want to when we were out there. I got to see We will rock you which if you get the chance buy tickets. It's phenomenal and I love queen! The man sitting behind me made some sly comment about me not knowing who Queen is but if you know my parents you know I know Queen pretty damn well. I sang to myself throughout the whole show and afterwards that man behind me commended me on my knowledge of Queen lol. So in between January 10th and now not much has gone one. My female room mate moved out and went home. She was so un-happy with her life here she couldn't stand it anymore and she went home. But just a couple days ago another man moved into the house but he doesn't work in my department so I don't see him much. A friend of mine and an amazing CDR from work left and went to train for the RAF. And his leaving party was one of the best nights out ever! I had so much fun! On another note in the last 2 months I recently involved myself with a guy from work and we are currently dating. And today we booked our holiday for Spain in April. Along with that I am starting a detox on April 18th just to get my body back into shape and lose a few un-wanted pounds and I plan to post a little something everyday because its a 9 day process. I'm gonna post a few sentences from Day 1- Day 9. And for those of you who I haven't caught up with in a while, I am planning to stay longer in Wales than planned. I was supposed to go home permanently at the end of June but now I am going home for a visit from July 21-August 4 and then I am back here in Wales and continuing on with my job. I am not quite sure how long I plan to stay but I am working on my driving license over here now and the next thing will be to get a car :) That's a massive news update so I'll stop writing and let you all digest that lol