Sunday, September 18, 2011

People and their cars

Yesterday we decided we were going to sleep in. No alarms and no deadlines. So I woke up around 11 thinking i have about 2 hrs before we leave. WRONG! I had all of 45 minutes to eat, get dressed and get ready. Our german friends were taking us to the Frankfurt Intenational Car Show. I am not a fan of cars, yes they can be pretty but their purpose is to get you from point A to point B. We took the train which to took an hour into Frankfurt and started walking around all the car pavillions. And while I took lots of pictures, the pictures were only of the cars I thought were pretty. We walked from 1-9 pretty much non stop. We went into Mercedes, Lotus, Chevrolet, BMW and loads of other cars. It was exciting to be in Frankfurt and it was good to get out of little Heppenheim and see some other places while were here. The car show closed at 7 so we left then. But we got lost and couldn't find our way back to the train station. So a transit man told us to get on his bus and it'll take us to a train station. So 5 out of us 7 got on the bus and the other 2 got a bus behind us. Well the bus has its last stop at a random parking lot. So we got off and started to walk around. A lovelt man directed us to a train bus station and we waited all of 2 minutes until we go on. So the train bus is interesting, it looks like a bus on the inside but its on rails. We rode that for 20 minutes and it took us to the main Frankfurt train station. On the outside it looks like the train station in Vancouver but on the inside it looks like one in Euro Trip, no lie! It's huge with all window ceilings and lots of stores and food places. So we got on the train back to Heppenheim. But what's interesting is at home we pay to use the bus, or the trains but here you don't. They have a different system. When you enter the city, you pay a mandatory fee which pays for all transport you use in the city. So we payed the student fee of 7.50 Euros and that payed for all buses, trains and train busses. So we managed to get home and C and I were pooped! We walked all day and the excitement took over. So we decided to lay low in bed and I read and we skyped. Then our room mate comes back and tells us they have decided to go out clubbing. We said no because we were already in PJ's and exahusted. So we said have fun and good night. Well it turns out, they took the train again into Frankfurt clubbed till 5, then they waited in McDonalds till 6 when the first train leaves. So they ended up back at home for 7:20. And slept till 3. Now I like to party and dance and all but staying up that late and thats when you all these stories about girls. I am incredibly thankful there safe and I didn't go. Today we hung around because we wanted to rest up for the next week at school. Which should be interesting. It's service training which is like serving people and drink mixing. So it should be fun!

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