Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Change is around the corner

I'll give you a quick update from my last post and move on. I did end up finishing the detox and losing about 6lbs which all seemed to come from my legs which was my target area but inches gone is inches gone! About 1 month ago I received a letter from Staff Accommodation at the Celtic Manor and they informed us that some of the conditions of living in our house have changed. We are allowed to live in the house 1 year but if you lived for 6 months previous to April 1st you had to be out of the house. Well this sincerely panicked me. For those of you who know me well know I like to plan things perfectly. And it was supposed to work that I got the car over the summer and by Christmas I moved out into my own flat. Well that;s all changed. By July 1st I will be moving into my boyfriends house. The car is now on the fast track. By Wednesday my license request should have gone through, then I will take 2 lessons, take my theory, take 6-8 lessons in June, 2 more in July and then take my test before I go home for 2 weeks. Then I am able to use my savings to get my car. I am hoping to have my own flat by the fall. That's the massive change.As well I have put my name forward for a promotion at work and fingers crossed they consider me and I get the job. In case you didn't pick it up in a previous sentence, I will be coming home back to Canada for 2 weeks in July-August to visit family and friends. The way our job works get 2 weeks off in the summer and I have chosen to take that time to go home. No the boyfriend will not be coming home with me, maybe another time.
I recently got back from Spain and I had a blast. We were there for a total of 8 days at an amazing all inclusive resort. I'll post some photos sometime this week. We suntanned, drank, ate, slept, played mini golf and just relaxed from work and all the drama that comes with life. It was a fab vacation and I would go back in a heartbeat. I'll make sure to post photos and keep you all updated.