Monday, May 14, 2012

Soccer, Football, Futbol,

This past weekend was full of football! Where I am living now in the UK (Newport, South Wales) has a massive football team and following. County which is what the team is called is a great social experience and the football is great. Well County made it to the finals of the FA cup against York. So me and 12,000 over County fans made the trek all the way up to Wembley Stadium in London to watch the final game. We were all in County tops and wearing as much orange as possible. There were wigs and hats and scarves and so many unbelievably crazy orange outfits. And even though County lost 2-0 it was still an amazing day and a great game. It's a one in a lifetime experience and I got to go. It's something I'll never forget. So while we were up at 5:45 and on the bus to Wembley by 8 and home 13 hours later, I still managed to make my way into town to meet up with my boyfriend and all his football mates. We stayed out late drinking and dancing and just having a great time. Football here is like the Canadian pastime of hockey except its more communal. Everyone gets involved and its a lifelong thing. Then we were up early on Sunday morning to head to Liberty Stadium in Swansea to see Liverpool vs Swansea and I got to see my fav's -Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez,Carragher <3
It was just another great day full of fun and football but we were exhausted. We had a drink at bar that was 4 floors that all converted into a nightclub and headed home on the train. I of course like always fell asleep on the way home. Once we were back in Newport we got a take away and headed home.
Yesterday was my mothers day. In the UK mothers day is in March but yesterday was mothers day and it was so strange to know its a special day but no one around you does. So I made sure to send cards to my grandmother and mom. They all had a huge family BBQ which did make me a bit homesick but that's part of the journey. I knew there would be up and down moments. But to my wonderful mother who never stopped caring, who made my world what it is and gave me the tools to succeed in life, I love you like you would never believe! I hope you had a fabulous mothers day and kept me close to your heart. I am proud to call you my mom and I couldn't of handpicked a better one. I love you to bits and I can't wait to see you this summer xxxx