Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On to bigger and better things

It is official. My freedom in the UK is growing. Last week I finally got my provisional licence in the mail. This licence allows me to take my theory test (basically the test you take for your L) and I can take driving lessons. And the goal at this point is to have my full licence and the car by October 1st. I want a small car but it has 5 doors, I hate cars where you have to lift the seat to crawl into the back. It has to have automatic windows and a radio. I'm still not sure whats best to buy: standard or automatic? Unfortunately here you have to learn on a standard and take your test on a standard. But since I know how to drive an automatic already I could know both ways but drive in an automatic but if standard cars are in plenty and cheaper I'll get one of those. I've always wanted an automatic lock/unlock but that's just icing on the cupcake. I've been saving since I started working at the Celtic Manor so that should pay off the car. I am super excited and not scared at all like I was at home. I've already got the theory books and I've got a driving instructor all lined up. And yesterday I made another massive step in my life; I moved in with my boyfriend. I moved out of staff accommodation and into his house. This way we can spend more time together and were saving money. He won't be paying for petrol to my house and I won't be spending so much money on rent and transportation. We are now saving together for a flat before Christmas we hope but we'll see how the market is and if we've saved enough and we have to look at what funding I get from university and all that stuff. So we'll sit down and have a nice chat. To be honest I have to say I made the 10 months away from home. If I had stuck to my original plan I'd be coming home in 5 days. And while I wonder what life at home is like I am so happy here. I can't imagine living anywhere else.Now that I have plans for a car, and a flat and uni-none of that would be happening at home. And doing it this way makes me proud of myself. This means I pay for my own car not a gift from daddy for my 16th (when you legally can't drive). I'm getting a flat with someone I love not some random kid I don't know in a dorm. This is definitely the way I needed to do it. Now I know what I want to do and where to go for it.Can't imagine doing it any other way!