Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 boys, 1 girl

                No this isn’t a nasty YouTube video or a degrading porno. It’s my new life! I have moved into my staff accommodations. It’s a long walk away from work and a quick drive but a very long bus ride. But I’ll get to transport later. My house is a row house, so on my street there is about 150 houses all connected. It sucks! Because my neighbour plays Nirvana super loud from 4-5. And I can hear my other neighbour yelling at her kids to stop fighting. It’s normally quiet but man when it get going boy does it ever go. My house is 2 levels. As soon as you walk through the door and turn right, we have a small living room with 2 love seats and a chair. There is also a fireplace and a stand where out TV is soon to be. Next you go through a walkway and directly to your right again is my room. It’s the second largest room in the house and it has red carpet. And the only window in my room gives me a lovely view of my own kitchen. So if you go out of my room and turn left and go straight you will find our lovely open large kitchen. With 2 stoves, a separate fridge and freezer, a sink and a washing machine. And loads of cupboard space. However people in the UK don’t use dryers! We have a clothing line in the backyard but I am scared to use it! What if it rains while I am at work, then the clothes are dirty again. Or what if someone steals my clothing and of course why would I put my panties and bra up from all my neighbours and roommate to see. So I bought a drying rack instead and that now sits in my room. If you go up the stairs, directly in front of you is a very small empty bedroom because there is no one to fill it right now. Right beside that is Lorenz room. He is one of my house mates and he is from Germany. He too was at the EHA. He’s very nice and he is polite enough to smoke outside in the backyard. Beside him is Ignatio; my other roommate from Spain. He too is very polite and nice but he totally reminds me of Ricky Ricardo! Definitely not in looks but in accent (yes I know Ricardo was from Cuba), and his jokes and laugh. It makes me miss the hundreds of I Love Lucy episodes I have recorded at home. So I moved in Tuesday afternoon, then I went for an hour’s walk to their wal mart equivalent and I bought a few food items and some stuff for my room. Since I didn’t know the bus schedule at all I walked home. I walked for one hour with 20lbs of crap. I can no say I have the beginnings of muscles in my arm. When I got home I met my roommates and we talked for what must have been like 2 hours. Then I went to bed because my shift started at 7 which meant I had to be up at 5:15 and catch the staff transport at 6:20. So for the shifts I work super early 6-8, the hotel will pick me up and take me work. Likewise if I stay for the late shift and I am done from 12:45 onwards, the hotel will drop me off at home or as close by as possible. Otherwise I am on my own to get to and from work. The public transport in Newport is thoroughly confusing. No stops are marked with the name and a rare few have the time schedule. Now there are 2 major roads in Newport; Chepster and Corporation. I live off of Corporation which means, I have to take a 25 minutes bus ride to the city centre and then another 10 to work. I haven’t bussed to work yet so I don’t know how that one works but were going to have to figure it out. For those of you who know me well, I don’t take public transport like ever. And the odd time I do I panic! I never know how much, or where to sit and what stop to get off at or what bus to get on. Public transport is so scary for me. But by the end of these 10 months I am going to be a bus pro. So I’ve had my first 2 days of work and met most of the team. Out of 700 employees there are only 2 Canadians; which I find funny because the owner in Canadian. The first shift I set up for a large banquet and the second day I helped run that banquet. I did the juice and water station as well as the coffee and tea station. So after my second shift, I went down to the staff canteen where I get free but unhealthy meals. There are 2 computers there with internet staff can use but they are timed. So you log on with your name and after 25 minutes you’re logged out and you personally cannot sign on for another hour. So I went down to get a glimpse of everyone back at home and I read e-mails from my mom and dad that were so encouraging and loving and my chin started to wiggle. Then I read a wall post from my best friend (and she knows who she is, and it’s not your fault I was just mentally and physically exhausted) and then I started to cry. That was the first time in 19 days that I cried and truly felt home sick. The fact that I don’t have internet here makes it even more upsetting because that’s my connection to home and I don’t have that. 19 days is the longest I’ve gone now without being homesick. 2 summers ago I spent 16 days in Ontario. But then I was in the same country and surrounded by friends; so it wasn’t that bad. I hope once I have permanent internet I will get over this hump of home sickness. And in efforts to do so I spent Friday walking around the local shops which are a 15 minute bus ride away. There is like 100 shops lining a pedestrian street and one of the stores was an O2 store. This is where C and I bought our internet stick we used in Germany. So I went in and bought one so excited that now I could finally contact the world. So I bussed home and set it all up only to learn the converter C left with me broke for good. So I walked to the local home hardware type store and bought myself 2 converters. And on the way back I got a library card at the local library that actually has really good books. So I got back home plugged in my computer and started to install the O2 stick which they call a dongle. Well it doesn’t work because the lady who sold it to me gave me one that requires a mobile phone. I don’t have one yet and won’t have one till next week when I have a bank account set up. So I went to the O2 store at the city centre and she set it all up on my laptop and I now have INTERNET!!!! I have never been so happy and relieved! I can finally Skype my mom and dad and my friends! It makes me feel 100% better!

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