Friday, March 23, 2012

And the Detox goes on.

So yesterday I was able to start eating solid food again! It's great to have a meal because it gives you that energy boost you need. So when I went grocery shopping I had a list with the proper amount of everything. I only went down aisles I needed to and didn't pick up anything extra. This I have never done before. I have turned into the kind of shopper who walks up and down almost every aisle and when I see something I need I pick it up. I made stuffed pepper last night for under 600 calories. I had light mozzarella, white rice, corn and peas inside the pepper. It was lush! And tonight I made pasta, just the right amount, with mince beef (ground beef) tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and a small amount of pasta sauce. I quite enjoyed that as well. And tomorrow I get to make grilled chicken tortillas. I have to measure every amount of food that I cook, the right amount of olive oil, veggies, meat etc.. So I bought a food scale and it is my life now. Tuesday is the last day of the detox and no more shakes and gels after that. Then its a no carb diet for a week. I have chosen to make it no cards, no sugar, and no alcohol. It is so hard at work to not eat because there is constant opportunities to eat leftover food and its so good but its so bad for you. All those pastries and cookies add up! I am also joining the gym at work and hoping to start going there 2-3 times a week before and after work. This detox has got me on a real health kick!

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