Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clean 9 has started

So I started my Detox yesterday and I am feeling a lot more optimistic today than I was feeling yesterday. The aloe vera gel I drink 4 times a day is rank. It stinks and its got bits in it. It's health powers though are amazing kinda like Buckley's cough medicine; it taste awful and it works. So in order for me to able to actually drink the stuff I need to add to tbsp of squash, plug my nose and rinse my mouth with mouthwash afterwards. I am getting used to it but it doesn't mean I like it anymore than when I first started. Then there is the garacinia pills and the bee pollen pills which I can put back no problem. The shakes I get for lunch and eventually breakfast are nice actually. It smells like cake batter and tastes like vanilla. I will admit I cheated once today-I had a yogurt but I was starving and knew my energy was going to fade so I had a yogurt but starting tomorrow I get one 600 calorie meal a day for the next 6 days. I've planned the meals and they all average out to 600 or less. Tomorrow I get to go shopping for them and I get a shake for breakfast as well not just lunch with means I'll be less hungry during the day. So I get the shake twice a day, the gel and pills 4 times a day and the meal I've decided to have as dinner because the food at work will not average out to 600 and I have no facilities to cook my own. So dinner will be my food meal of the day. I'm super optimistic and I have been on a forum with ladies all over the UK who have done it and I am very much looking forward to my success. I will hopefully post tomorrow after my first Clean 9 cooking adventure :)

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