Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiking through an ocean?

So this week most of the C & B staff are off. So instead of sitting on our asses all week doing nothing; me and 3 other friends went hiking today. When I got up this morning it was a nice clear morning with no rain and not cold at all. But I packed my rain coat in case and a pair of clothes because you never know and being in guiding I am always prepared. But when we got to the start point it rained. And looking at the path I thought I'd be totally fine with my runners and I was until the descent. Now one friend we were doing this with and already been on this hike the previous week so he knew where he was going. So we followed him (and the path lol) up to the top of the "mountain" (it was in between a large hill and a mountain so I am not quite sure what to call it.) So we made it up and it was so foggy on top you couldn't see anything. So we decided to descent but we didn't follow the path down, oh no we went the adventurous way down the side of the mountain following the river. Now I do have to say I agreed to this because it was fun but my poor feet! I was wearing my runners with my sport pants. The ground was so wet and there were so many mud puddles that went knee deep on me and the amount of times we crossed that river was ridiculous! We had so much fun but I was soaked! So on the way back home, the friend that came with us and graciously drove gave me her wellies and another pair of socks to wear home in her car so we didn't make a mess lol! It was a really fun day and I am very excited for the rest of my week off. I've got big plans that you'll get to hear about next week!


  1. I didnt even know you had a blog! lol
    I just read from the beginning and caught up! Thanks for shareing!!
    Oh and thanks for the shout out on the birth of baby Hazel!!!
    And your post about bedrolls....HILARIOUS!!!! Alannah...the queen of bedrolls!!!

  2. HAHA I didn't even see this comment until now. I am so bad with keeping up with my blog not as good as you are!
    Glad you caught up and you saw my shoutout! And yes I am the queen of bedrolls and I will never ever be able to let them go!