Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm home!

Hey ya'll, So it's official I am on Canadian soil!! I have been home for 3 1/2 days and have been able to catch up with so many people. The journey here was long but well worth it! Mum and Dad met me in the airport with my brother and 2 friends. They had balloons and my lovely brother made me a Canadian build a bear wearing a Welsh Guard suit. He is absolutely adorable but it'll be quite a feat to get him back to Newport seeing as I have 2 bears to bring back. I bought my boyfriend a polar bear for Valentine's day wearing his fav football team jersey and I sprayed him to death with my boyfriends cologne and brought it with me. So in short 2 bears must make is back home. Sunday my parents arranged an open house so everyone could drop in anytime and visit, have a drink and a bite to eat. It was great to see people here and there and catch up. And the best surprise was my cousin Rachelle who is the older sister to the cousin I went to Germany happened to be in the province so her and her fiance and 2 kids came for the party. I've got loads of lunches and dinners and dates planned. It's weird there's moments I feel like I never left, I've been here all year then there's moments where I feel like I've been gone 4-5 years. I do miss Newport and my friends and my boyfriend. But I also love being home. It's a dilemma. But who knows I could end up anywhere in the world. You really never know. I've made a huge commitment there by moving in with my boyfriend and driving lessons and a 2 year contract on my phone. But I definitely think school there is a great idea. Plenty of the kids I graduated with are studying in the UK. I mean i;m sure my family and friends would love for me to stick around but my parents moved away for 5 years to Japan and everything turned out fine for them. I'm just doing it while going to school and a bit younger. I am happy where I am and I hope to be able to visit home a little more often but it all depends on work. Once I am school my holidays become a little more flexible but money becomes a little more tight so we'll see how it all goes!

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