Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home in 2 weeks!

Well since I last wrote I have taken driving lessons. The first lesson went well. I was terrified of driving a standard but it really isn't that bad. I stalled once and that's good for my first time. I have had a total of 2 lessons and 2 more coming up. Because I drove already back home, I am able to bypass quite a few lessons. All I am learning is the standard bit and British road rules. I'm doing pretty well and I am confident I will complete my goal! Last Sunday I went to Thorpe Park with a bunch of people from work. It was a blast, the weather was shit in the morning but it got sunny by the end of the day. The queues were so long we got on a total of like 6 rides. But they were worth it. This one ride STEALTH was 207 feet straight in the hair and 0-80 mph in 2 seconds. It was wicked. I had my mini donuts and rode my roller coasters and screamed my head off lol. Then on Monday I had my birthday party which was a blast! We all dressed up like superheros and headed to town for a few drinks and then to Cardiff to party. We went to a night club called Oceania and it's 3 floors of themed rooms. Your walk into the tiki room, then upstairs is the 80's disco, then the french boudoir and the ice room. Then theres a private room upstairs we weren't allowed into. It was fun. We started at about 8pm and we weren't home till about 4:15. It was a great night and I remember it all. I went as spidergirl and my boyfriend went as batman. We had the powerpuff girls, superman, supergirl, catwoman and captain America. Then it was my real birthday on Thursday. I woke up and went for brunch with Farley, Charl and Lorenz and I got all my presents from my boyfriend. He got my a bracelet with matching earrings. 2 pairs of jeans (mint and polka dot), a blazer, a parka and a gorgeous dress. I am in love with it! And Charl and Lorenz got my a gift card which I cannot wait to spend. So we went for Brunch then I bought myself an iPhone which I cannot put down. I am addicted to the apps and games and music and messaging and constant facebook lol. I came home and received my birthday present from my mother-in-law. I got a beautiful necklace that is the Dove of Peace and a book gift card. And my lovely parents sent me 19 pink roses. It was a very thoughtful gift and I cannot wait to thank them in person in 2 weeks. Exactly 2 weeks today I fly home for 2 weeks. I am excited to go home to see everyone but I am not a fan of leaving Newport. Leaving Farley behind and work and all my other friends. It's what I've known for the last 10 months and I am nervous to leave it. I am sure I'll be fine and have a blast and it'll be a little vacation. I'll make sure to update once more before I go home and then once I am home I'll update. It's been an exciting 10 months and I cannot believe I have made it!

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