Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

My Christmas Tree
 Hello All,
My fireplace Mantle
I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit! I know I am! This christmas is going to be great. This week I bought a 4ft christmas tree for me and my room mates. I also bought a window display and some decorations for the mantle. I am a total christmas nut and I am convinced that its hereditary because my mom is one too! So my christmas tree is black, 4ft tall and covered in green,pink and gold ornaments. Needless to say it screams me! In my window is a merry christmas sign with little ornament lights and on my mantle are reindeer with color coded candles. But my room is my masterpiece. I have a snowflake on the door and star lights hanging from the ceiling. They illuminate my tinkerbell advent calendar from home (thanks mom!) The tree went up on the 1st, like its normally done in my house and there were presents underneath already by the next day. Now because my room mates are european, the big focus at christmas time is on christmas eve. That's when they have their feast, and set up the tree and thats also when they open presents. So on christmas eve my mom is going to make us a meal at our house for me and my room mates and they can open their presents then but I am going to wait till christmas morning. Oh yeah did I mention my Parents are going to be here in like 19 days!!!!! I am so excited. I haven't seen them in person since September 10th! There going to be here for 2 weeks and that is the best christmas present ever!!! I do have to work christmas day but thats alright. It's a 10-6 or 11-7 shift so I can have some time with my family on christmas morning and then afterwards my family and I are going over to Charl's house for a christmas spread. It's a whole new experience that I am looking forward to. It's nice to see how christmas traditions are different all over the world.

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