Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I can't believe how long it's been!

For those of you that follow, I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long! The one major perk about being out of high school is that you get a life! Shocking I know! But since I've made loads of friends and I am tied down by homework or my age I have been going out lots! So it's official! I have been in Wales for one whole month! One down, 8 to go! It's been quite a whirlwind since I got here! Work has been great! I love it, the people is great and I really don't mind the work. It's hard work but at the same time it's not. Although last week was a shitty week. Monday I had a 2-10 shift and it was just a crew dinner and one customer yelled at me all night about everything!!! I didn't plan the event or book it nor do I run the hotel and he still yelled at me! Then that night I got 4 hr sleep because I got home late and by the time I ate, showered and fell asleep it was totally midnight. So then I went to work the next day knackered and managed to burn myself with hot water 3 times. Down my stomach and hip, my foot and my forearm. Luckily they've healed and none of them have scarred which is the best part because I am already covered in scars. Then the rest of the week was just pretty much ruined! So thursday I worked the nigh shift and did veggie runs. So the way the dinners work is once the whole table is seated, the person in charge of that table breaks the napkin over the guests lap and asks for dietary requirements. Then if someone does a requirement you let your team leader know and the veggie runner takes care of it. So this particular night I decided to be veggie runner. Well we must of had over 20 requirementss in our section. I was so stressed and panicked. Thank god my team was amazing and another associate on my team helped me bring out all the dinners but in the process of bringing the dinners out I broke my shoe! The sole peeled right off!! So a very good friend offered to take to me Cardiff to buy new work shoes. So I got up early the next morning and headed out to Cardiff!OMG the shopping is phenomenal! For those of you that have shopped with me, you know its painful! I try on like 20 items and only take 1. I always complain about prices and its like nailing jello to a tree to get me to spend money. Well not here! All I do is shop! My wardrobe has become like 20 times better since I've been here! Shoes, purses, pants, and everything else! So then Friday night when we got home, it was my room mates birthday so we went out for that! And although I wasn't drunk that's the most I have ever drinken and I totally paced myself. But out of the 8 drink I had I probably paid for 1 of them. Cheapest way to do it! Everyone else who's drunk or even boys buy you drinks! So that was a fun, interesting experience! I worked Saturday and went to Cardiff again on Sunday to see the Castle and Shop some more! The castle is phenomenal because not only was it used in medieval times, it was used my soldiers in WWII.
Because C & B is super slow right now, they've moved all the full timers to work in different spots in the hotel. So I got a shift at the Resturaunt on the lobby level. All I have to say is I much prefer C & B. Then I had tuesday off and all I did was clean the house and do laundry. And the one day I do my sheets and towels, its sunny in the morning but as soon as I leave the house to go do errands it bloody rains! Luckily my room mates were home and they managed to bring them in before they got drenched! Today (my one month marker of being in Wales) I went into Cardiff with a very good friend and her son and we shopped until we dropped! I needed to get a few items for Halloween because a bunch of us from C & B are going out Friday for halloween and I am going to be a kitty cat! But I work 3 more times this week and that's really about all. My fluke I was hooked up with a Girl Guide Unit. I was talking to one of the CDR's at work and she said her and her guides were going to cook tonight. And I asked her if she meant girl guides and she said yes! So we got to talking and her other leader said it was ok if I came to meetings, sleepovers and camps when I was available! This is totally what I wanted! I have no repsonsibility in the Unit but I can still be with the girls and help out and still be in guiding! I love it here! The people, the shopping, the ambiance and my social life!

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