Saturday, November 12, 2011

London Bound!

So I just recently found out my creeping facebook that a friend of mine is visiting another friend of mine in London. And since I have 5 days off next week I am able to go visit! So my life has done a total flip from full time high school student who played sports, and was on council and was super involved in the community to a full time working girl who has a social life. Tomorrow (as in sunday) I am going to a Welsh rememberance day ceremony with a very good friend of mine Charl. Then I work Monday-Thursday and after work on Thursday I am hoping to go straight to the movie theatre because (drum roll please) BREAKING DAWN PART 1 IS RELEASED! I have tickets for the midnight showing and I am so excited! And I am not going alone, again Charl is coming with me! Then Friday I am going to register at a gym down the road from me and I am oddly pumped about that. Then I have my first UK Girl Guide sleepover but I am not allowed to sleepover because I am not registered so I am going to leave once the girls are in bed. And on Saturday morning I am going to London for the night!I have been to london but for all of 2  hrs waiting for my bus to take me here to Newport. So I am hopeing I can at least see Big Ben from the bus. But us 3 girls will hang out and have a fun time! It'll be nice to see friends from home in person. As well I have so many tentative travel plans like ireland, edinburgh, paris and spain! Everything will be getting booked in the next 2 months. I am doing great! I have been away from home now 10 week and in Wales for 8. I am all settled in and have loads of amazing reliable friends. As well I got a new room mate. She is also from the EHA and she's very nice. Everything is great although it's getting colder and colder every day. Pretty soon were gonna have snow I think. But that's alright because I have a pair of wellies!

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