Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting into the groove of things.

So I have been working at the Resort for a full 2 weeks now. I always manage to get the weekend off which I love! The past couple days I have been setting up my bank account and getting a mobile phone. And soon enough I will have everything I need to survive the 9 months I am here. I love work, it is demading and tiring but I do love it and I love the people I work with. Up until now I have only worked the day shifts which I love and recently I did the night shift. I however do not like the night shift. Maybe it's because I am still new but I find them to be extremely stressful. We do this thing called silver service where we use a fork and spoon to serve dinner rolls as soon as the guests sit down. Well it's quite challenging at first and I dropped a dinner roll. So because I was totally embarassed out of my mind I decided to kick the roll under the table and continue. We then serve the starters. Now I can serve 3 starters at a time except when it's soup then it's only 3. Then we move onto mains which for the most part are ok but because the plates are bigger and hotter I can only carry 2. Then with dessert I can carry 3 again. So on the night shift you are constantly moving on your feet and carrying things whether its food or your clearing. The atmosphere is nice amongst me and my colleagues but I definately prefer day shifts.The only downside to work is the transportation to and from work. On morning when I start at 7, I have to get up at 4:30 to catch the 5:30 staff transport van. I could take a taxi but that expensive, from my house to the hotel is 6,40. To do that 4-5 times a week is too much. Then to catch a bus for that time of morning, I have to walk 30 minutes, catch the bus and then get to work for 6:50. So I've talked to my boss and staff transport and I've suggested they change the times. Then on days when I end at 5 or 7 I take one bus to the city centre and then transfer to the bus that gets me as close as possible to my house. The night shifts, I either catch staff transport at one of their designated times or I get a ride home with one of the Chef de Rang's that live a block away from me. I am making plans to go to Cardiff by the end of the month because supposedly it's very pretty, with a castle and there's great shopping! I am having fun getting to know people and explore the city.

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