Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Started

So I've always known I wanted to take a Gap Year. I've been at the same school for 13 years with the same people and stuck in the same routine. I am not saying I didn't enjoy it but I definately need a break. I've applied to universities but differed my entrance for a year because when I get back I definately want to get further education; it's just a matter of what I want to do with my life. I am very fortuante that my mom runs a company that sends and brings kid to other countries to work and study and through her company I am taking a great oppurtunity. I am going to England for 10 months. This will be a very scary, nerve racking and amazing experience and I am very fortunate to have that oppurtunity and the support of my parents. I've been slowly filling out the application because so much is involved in doing so. I have to take proffesional photos and get references and a work visa and its a lot to do. But slowly and surely I am getting to the point where I can send it in. I am starting this blog now so  I can describe this process step for step and once I get to England I can write about all my experiences and everything else that happens while i'm there.

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